Coronavirus Update

New Guidelines for Dr. Robert Chen’s Orthodontic Office

May 25, 2020

  • If you have been diagnosed positive for the COVID-19 virus, please do not come to your orthodontic appointment.
  • If you are currently waiting for COVID-19 test, please do not come to your orthodontic appointment.
  • If somebody in your family/household is having flu-like symptoms or if you have been in contact with somebody who had flu-like symptoms, please notify Dr. Chen, and do not come to your orthodontic appointment.
  • If you are sick, ill, having fever, coughing, running nose, or shortness of breath, please do not come to your orthodontic appointment. You must see your medical doctors immediately.
  • We require anybody who comes into our orthodontic office to wear a mask.
  • To reduce foot traffic in the office, all adult patients should come by themselves; any companions should wait outside of the office. If the patient is a minor, only one guardian can accompany the patient if desired. We do kindly ask you not to bring other children who do not have appointments with us.
  • If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer for you. If it’s a question you can ask Dr. Chen through texting, please do so, instead verbally ask him. Of course, if the issues cannot be resolved through texting, Dr. Chen can explain verbally to you.
  • Please be aware that when the California allows us to open, it does not mean we can see you right away. It’s going to be a gradual opening, which means there will be certain procedures we can do, and certain procedures we cannot do. We understand everybody wants to be seen first, before everybody else. We need to take care of patients who are in pain first, not the patients who think they should be seen before everybody else. we kindly ask you to be considerate. We will try to take care of everybody in a timely manner.
  • Because of our effort to comply with social distancing, you will notice that your choices of appointments may be less. We kindly ask you to be more flexible in accepting the choices of appointments.
  • We will still have toothbrushes, floss, and Listerine in the office for you if you need them. But if possible, please brush and floss your teeth before you come.
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