Phase One Treatment

Phase I Early Treatment is important in turning complicated cases into cases that are much easier to manage at a later age  when the patients need full braces in the future.  To derive the maximal benefit from Phase I Early Treatment, the treatment does need to be delivered during certain developmental stage during the patients' growth.  The treatment benefit diminishes after certain developmnt stages.  The best time to start the Phase I Early Treatment  is to be determined by Dr. Chen.

If your children have crowded arches, overbite,  underbite, narrow jaws, or any other orthodontic issues, please make a consultation appointemnt with Dr. Chen.    On the surface, lay people may think orthodotic treatment is just to get straight teeth and  good bite.  Dr. Chen's primary concerns for young children are proper jaw sizes and sufficient spaces for teeth to grow.    Phase I Early Treaetment also have the ability to  help the children's airway development in the more positive ways.  .   


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