What Sets Us Apart In Cupertino, CA

Patient-Oriented Care

At New Age Braces, we focus on quality service for all our patients, which means we can devote more attention to each individual and form a strong doctor-patient bond that makes our care easy to customize.  Every single patient will have Dr. Chen’s personal email and cell phone number to communicate with him directly. When you text Dr. Chen, please be sure to include the patient’s full name in the text message.  Dr. Chen will reply as soon as he is available.

Modern Technology

We use the best, most up-to-date equipment and techniques for the comfort and ease of our patients. Our digital imaging is faster, safer, and more accurate than traditional X-ray and photography.

Dr. Chen is very experienced in using the best technology and biologically sound treatment approach to avoid teeth extractions and/or jaw surgery. We have also selected alignment systems that are both comfortable and cosmetically appealing.

In addition, 3D scanners are used to enhance patient comfort and treatment accuracy.

Flexible Payment Options

Our staff is fully trained to accommodate many payment structures. We make sure our patients get the most out of their insurance plans and we specialize in aiding patients with Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.

Convenient Hours

New Age Braces’ Cupertino office makes orthodontics as convenient as possible for patients. We have special hours available, including Saturday morning appointments!

Constant Pursuit of Excellent Treatment Outcome

One of the most important aspects of our practice is to incorporate the most progressive orthodontic technology for the best treatment outcome. We are extremely pround of our expertise and passion to provide the best treatment to our patients.

Our areas of expertise include the usage of TADs to treat complicated cases without removing teeth, the ability to treat the baby teeth (Phase I early treatment) to ensure the best treatment outcome in the future, and the 3D scanning and imaging technology to achieve the most accurate diagnostics.

Constantly learning and incorporating the best orthodontic technologies and treatment approaches to elevate our orthodontic practice is a hallmark that sets us apart. 


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