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“Before I got braces, I visited a few other doctors to get a consult. After visiting Dr. Chen, it was clear to me that I wanted him as my orthodontist. He had a friendly staff that greeted me every time I walked into the office. I was always a bit afraid of doctors’ offices but I could not have felt more comfortable here. Dr. Chen was patient and paid close attention to all the small details. He thoroughly explained the process of getting braces so I would know what kind of a result I would get.

“As those monthly checkups came around, Dr. Chen never failed to give me the attention I needed. He would notice those small fine points that I’m sure other doctors would not have noticed. I remember there was this one time where he switched out my wire a few times just so he could make it perfect. There is no doubt he is fully dedicated to satisfy his patients. I’m a swimmer so my schedule is really busy. The only time I have is usually in the morning. When we were scheduling an appointment to put on my braces for the first time, Dr. Chen was willing to come early in the morning before my school started. He is the only doctor I know who would go out of his normal schedule to do this. Not to mention, all of his tools and machines are state of the art and brand new.

“Many would think getting braces is a painful process, and at times it is. But with a wonderful doctor and staff, your experience will be that much better. I know I made a right decision to go to Dr. Chen and I hope everyone else does, too.”

-- Eva --




“I loved my experience at New Age Braces. Dr. Chen did a wonderful job fixing my overbite. The assistants were also very professional and made sure my braces were comfortable. After the years with braces, I am very excited to have straight, white teeth. I would recommend Dr. Chen to all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you!”

-- Olivia --


Cathy Testimonial

“Moments later I touch my once smooth teeth and find it now all weak and rough. I listen to my orthodontist with disbelief, no caramels, no nuts, no anything tough.

“Two long years with braces on, oh my. Will my teeth all rot beneath? Thinking of the pain just makes me cry. I’m already missing my crooked teeth.

“The very next day that I’m at home Dr. Chen calls to ask if I’m okay. I say, ‘It’s all right,’ in a nervous tone. He tells me the pain will go away in a day.

“At every checkup I went to, the staff was always smiling and kind. Dr. Chen always told me what to do. He constantly kept my progress in mind.

“The day after Valentine’s Day I went in and Dr. Chen surprised me with: ‘Do you want your braces off, Catherine?’ I couldn't believe that was it!

“Finally the day I longed for: To say bye to the brackets and sores. I felt my legs lift off from the floor. I waited until I could wait no more.

“But patiently I waited in the chair, thinking of all the things I could finally eat. The excitement was too much to bear. I rush to the mirror to take a peek.

“Straight white teeth smiled back at me. And I smiled back. What a wonderful sight to finally see. Thank you, Dr. Chen, for your excellent work!”

-- Cathy --



“Dr. Chen and the entire staff at the office are extremely friendly and nice. They welcome each patient with a smile and are looking out for our best interest. With the results of the treatment I can now smile with confidence.”

-- Naoki --



“Robert Chen helped make my teeth; and I will share my experience with you about this treatment.

“Before I started, I was told by friends that orthodontic treatment was very painful. However, based on my own experience, I never felt that way. I think that is probably because Dr. Chen pays such close attention to his patients and with his care, the pain has been reduced to the minimal.

“I like Dr Chen‘s office environment. Everyone there has been so nice, and that makes me feel like I‘m home and relaxed.

“I usually have lots of activities and school work. But Dr. Chen is always very flexible. Not only that, Dr. Chen understands time is a treasure. For every office visit, he never made me wait long, as I did with some other doctors.

“Where I am right now, Dr. Chen has already formed a plan, and there are no big surprises for me anymore.

“Occasionally if I or my mom need to talk to Dr. Chen other than the scheduled office visit, we can schedule extra office visits as needed without a problem. Now my teeth look so much better, I really want to thank Dr. Chen and Grace for the wonderful work they have done for me. I am really glad I made the right choice with the right doctor.”

-- Melody --


Kao Joyce joyce

-- Joyce --


“I would like to thank Dr. Chen and his staff. For the past year, I‘ve elected Invisalign as the procedure for straightening my teeth. The almost invisible retainers have a natural and discreet appearance. The result has exceeded my expectations of convenience and comfort.

“The exceptional difference Dr. Chen offered is more than just the care from a highly qualified orthodontist. He is someone who truly enjoys his work and brings his artistic talent and attention to every detail of his practice.

“As for his staff, the office offers a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere for the regular visits. I will miss the pleasure of their company.”

-- Khai, engineer/architect --


Ines Ines Testimonial

-- Ines --

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